Wednesday, February 16, 2011



(Since we have been looking at prayer, and revival, this fits so very well. Thanks, brother.)

Luke 19:41 and John 11:35 and Hebrews 5:7 = These are the three specific times Scripture records the "tears" of the Son of God. Nothing endears Christ more to believers than His great compassion, love, and tears for sinners! "Jesus wept" over Jerusalem, He "wept" at the tomb of Lazarus, and He "wept" greatly, "with strong crying and tears," in Gethsemane. May we never be "too good" to weep! And note that in Luke 22:41 we are plainly told Christ "kneeled down, and prayed," and we do not understand at all why many people "go to church" and never get on their knees! Or never kneel anywhere! Beloved, it is praying time, it is kneeling time, it is weeping time! The modern church has lost its testimony before the world, and lost its power with God, but we don't seem to care! But now may these lines from Benjamin Beddome encourage us:

So fair a face bedewed with tears; What beauty even in grief appears!
He wept, He bled, He died for you; What more, ye saints, could Jesus do?

Enthroned above, with equal glow His warm affections downward flow;
In our distress He bears a part, And feels a sympathetic smart.

Still His compassions are the same; He knows the frailty of our frame;
Our heaviest burdens He sustains; shares in our sorrows and our pains.
Gadsby's Hymns

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