Friday, March 30, 2012


God could, if He so chose, make the fields to grow crops without the farmer plowing them and sowing the seed, but that is not His way; that is not the method He selects. God could keep us in health and strength without our taking any food at all or wasting time in sleeping if He so chose, but that is not His way.

And God could save every sinner on earth tonight without them believing if He wanted to, but it is not His way!

I am not limiting God, I am describing to you the plan and method that God Himself has set forth in His Word, and if you would be saved, sinner, you have got to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself.
-A.W. Pink, excerpt from Christian Fools.


Anonymous said...

hi there - re your " santon post" on the 18 /03 please pm and we will definatley get back onto you these are excelent but used

charles said...

Hello Jamie, I don't think I totally understood your comments. However, I believe you said you liked our post and would get back to us again. I hope you will. Our desire is to preach Christ. I hope you, and others will visit our sites often. I will try to answer any questions. Thanks again.