Friday, July 15, 2011

Has America Already Passed the Point of No Return?

The following article was written almost 11 years ago, but it's punch from September 26, 2000 is still fresh. Remarkably it was written about 1 year before 9/11. With the plans and compromises of our governing powers, we has better take a long fresh look at this article by Chuck Baldwin. I turn it your way. Since I, as a rule, only write to Christians, I honestly believe this to be a call from God. Reflect on it, add to it; and share with deep prayer that God will motivate us all. Thoughts you wish to share are welcome. Charles Woodruff
Many of my friends believe America has already passed the point of no return. They suggest that America has thoroughly and completely repudiated the fundamental principles upon which our country was founded and that it is now hopelessly doomed. They might be right.
Any nation that makes heroes out of people like Bill Clinton can't be expected to last long. Look, too, at our pop culture today: it's rotten Just plain rotten! The movies our children watch and the music they listen to are garbage! It's not fit for human consump­tion.
Also, consider this: in the name of "church-state separation," the courts of this country have become caverns of secular humanism, where they, like vam­pires, suck the life's blood of religion and faith from our veins. Pretty soon, the country will be bled dry.
Our schools and colleges are educating young people in the fine art of agnosticism. Paganism and Marx­ism are in; God and morality are out. We have the most learned and least inspired graduates that tax dollars can buy! They are completely familiar with every weird, ancient or eastern religion known to man, but have never read our Declaration of Inde­pendence or the Bible.
The environmentalist and animal rights movements have elevated insects and trees to a status that is more revered (and protected) than is human life. Farmers have gone to jail for killing Kangaroo Rats while disking their land. Property owners are held hostage by enviro-cops that protect Spotted Owls. Fishermen and hunters are regarded as enemies of the state, while abortionists are granted federal pro­tection and preference.
America's moral character has been corrupted to a point not seen before in Western Civilization. Adul­tery and fornication have become socially accept-able; sodomy has become vogue; cohabitation is common. I saw a T-shirt recently that said it all: "No rules-rules!" It won't be long before pedophilia will be as socially acceptable and politically protected as homosexuality is today.
It is obvious that neither the Republican nor Demo­crat parties are offering any solutions. In fact, they are part of the problem! Likewise, most churches are unwilling to stand against this tidal wave of he­donism and debauchery. Most business interests (especially the large ones) are intoxicated with the desire for a "global economy" to the point that they are incapable of providing any resistance.
So, what are we to do? I suppose we could choose to leave the country. That is what our Pilgrim fathers did when they left Europe and came to America. Or, we can choose to fight for our faith and free­dom. That is what Patrick Henry and the boys de­cided to do.
Humanly speaking, the only thing that is holding our freedom together is the private ownership and pos­session of firearms. And sooner or later (probably sooner) they will come for our guns. When that time comes, those who chose to stay will have to make another choice: to live free and fight, or surrender our right to resist and become slaves to the state. It may be that the choice has already been made; we may have already passed the point of no return.

An excellent article from Chuck Baldwin. More at the website  I recommend you give some of them a good read (CW)


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