Sunday, September 26, 2010


Puritan minister Joseph Caryl wrote the longest commentary on Job in history. Between 1651-1666, he preached on Job in his church. The completed sermons were written in a book (I should say books), and published. Originally it came to 12 quarto volumes! It is said that Caryl's work amounts to a complete commentary on the entire Bible. Now in 2010 it is available again. I only have a condensed portion titled Treasury of Job. It would take an awful long time to read the twelve volumes, but likely quite worth it for a Bible student, based on the small portion I have read. Here is a sample for you.

(A Nugget from Joseph Caryl)

Joseph Caryl on Job 1:12

Until God gives commission, Satan hath no power over the estates or persons of God's people, or over anything that belongs unto them. Neither our persons nor our estates are subject to the will of either men or devils; Christ must say, All that he hath is in thy hand, before Satan can touch a shoe-latchet: As Christ said John 19:11. unto Pilate, when he spake so stoutly, knowest thou not that I have power to crucifie thee, and power to release thee? He thought that he had all power in his hand: but Christ tells him, Thou couldst have no power at all against me unless it were given thee from above. If the Devils could not go in the swine, much less can they meddle with a man, made after God's image, till God gives them leave. Every soul that hath interest in Christ may suck comfort and consolation in the saddest, in the sorrowfullest day from the breast of this truth. If Satan and wicked men cannot move till Christ saith, go, nor wound till Christ saith, strike, nor spoil, nor kill, till Christ saith their estates, their lives are in your power, surely Christ will not speak a word to their hurt, whom he loves, nor will he ever suffer his enemies to do a real damage to his friends. Beside it may fill the soul with unspeakable joy, to remember, that, while a man is suffering, the will of Christ is doing. By Joseph Caryl -1602-1673

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Thanks for this post by Caryl, Charles. I really needed to see this truth today. This is powerful- absolutely soul- changing powerful!!

charles said...

Glad you liked it. I am becoming more acquainted with this Puritan who had the massive 12 volume commentary on Job. His great work is now available again. If I keep reading what I have by him, and what I find online, I may have to try to purchase the 12 volumes one day. Like so many Puritans, he had great spiritual insight.