Monday, July 30, 2007


As someone has well said long before my time regarding the Calvinist-Arminian controversy, "there are ditches on both sides of the road." The controversy is still with us today. I like the following statement from the late David Martyn Lloyd-Jones in which he is discussing George Whitefield, the great evangelist: "It seems to be the besetting sin of mankind, and one of the most terrible results of the fall, that there is nothing so difficult as to maintain a balance. In correcting one thing we go to such an extreme as to find ourselves in an equally dangerous position. We are always confronted by the devil, who is ever ready to take the best things and turn them into his own instruments of unrighteousness and to produce the shipwreck of souls....."
From The Puritans; Page 28; chapter on Knowledge False and True; Banner of Truth- 1987 (Available from
"A theoretical Calvinism is of no more value than a theoretical Arminianism -- not the slightest." (ibid, page 36). (CW)

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